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Memoirs of a Saddle Fitter - The Troubled Stranger

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 27th of October, 2014

The Troubled Stranger


A customer brought her horse to me for a saddle fit. Out from the trailer came a nice looking bay gelding, just over 16hh. He was about eight years old. Unusually he didn’t look round much. Most horses, even if well-travelled, take stock of the surroundings and are interested. He kept his head a little low and throughout the process of trying saddles on, getting the rider on board the promising ones and the owner riding in about four saddles, he remained detached. At one point I held him, while she went back to the trailer for her half chaps and he looked after her anxiously and let out a huge sigh and then put his head down again. There was a dejected air about him, yet he rode well and was obliging to work with, a nice horse to be beside but a sadness emanating from him.

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New Brands at Central Saddlery

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 24th of October, 2014

Introducing the latest brand additions to our range at Central Saddlery- Horze and HKM Sports Equipment


Here at Central Saddlery we know that our customers are always very discerning. We have got to know many of you pretty well over the years and we know that you always like style and quality, so we think you’ll be really pleased to hear that we have now introduced a couple of new brands to the store – Horze and HKM Sports Equipment. If you haven’t come across these brands before, they're well worth a look. We’re sure you’ll like them as much as we do!

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Basic Hoof Care for Horses

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 20th of October, 2014

There is much more to keeping your horse’s hooves in good condition than picking them out regularly and having them trimmed and shod as needed, and you should view your horse’s hoof care as one of the most important elements of horse ownership.


As our understanding of good hoof maintenance has increased exponentially over recent years, so too has the range of products available to help care for our horses hooves, and there are a wide range of really helpful products on the market right now to help to strengthen, protect and care for hard working hooves.

Read on for our pick of some of the best hoof care products available today.

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Memoirs of a Saddle Fitter - Young Horses, bless them!

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 13th of October, 2014

Young Horses, bless them!

I was out fitting a saddle on a four year old today and as is usually the case, when the owner was booking the saddle fit, she was very careful to tell me not to expect perfect behaviour from her young gelding, as he was a babyish four and not long backed.

Like most saddler fitters, I am used to all shapes, sizes and ages in equines and don’t expect perfect manners all the time. But what is really surprising with youngsters of three and four having their first saddle fitted, is how well behaved they usually are! No, I’m not kidding! Yet if you think about it, they are the equivalent of teenagers, with usually an attention span of a sparrow, but in general they are wee stars.

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The Pony Club - To join or not to join

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 6th of October, 2014

For those of us that have been riders since our childhood, Pony Club membership is probably something that we are very familiar with. However, for non-riding parents of pony-mad children, The Pony Club can appear to be a bit of a mystery, and often comes accompanied by mental pictures of Thelwell ponies and crazy runaway Shetlands!


So, is The Pony Club still relevant today, and should you be considering membership for your own children? 

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