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Strangles in Horses

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 23rd of January, 2015

Strangles is a really nasty and highly contagious equine condition that is caused by the bacteria Streptococcus equi var equi, which causes a respiratory tract infection, swelling of the glands around the throat, pain, and breathing difficulties. Because strangles is contagious between horses, ponies and donkeys, localised cases generally result in quarantine of the affected yard to prevent the further spread of the condition, and outbreaks of strangles in localised areas frequently lead to the cancellation of organised competitions and other group events.

All riders and horse and pony owners should have at least a basic understanding of strangles, in order to identify the signs of infection in their own horses, and to take steps to protect their horses and their yard from infection. Read on to find out the basics of strangles, and the problems that it can cause.

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Sarah Fox Blog - It's Christmas

by Sarah Fox, Posted on 21st of December, 2014

Don’t know about you, but I can’t quite believe we’re here again so quickly! It’s been another super-fast year with loads of exciting horsey events having been and gone, so I hope you’ve had a blast.

It certainly feels like winter now, what with the temperature having plummeted recently, and after the long period of warm weather it’s been a teeny tiny bit of a shock to the system! But the thermals and fingerless gloves are on so I’m determined to beat the chilblains this year!

I already have that ‘winding down’ feeling as Christmas approaches and have decided to let the weather take its course for the next 2-3 months and not get too hung up on being unable to train… I made the decision 2 weeks ago to make my paddocks out of bounds, resulting in daily turnout being restricted to my woodchip pens. The horses adapt remarkably well, and despite Wiggle shouting at me and cantering to the field end of the pen when I go to get him in, he quite happily forgets once he’s tucked up inside with his haylage. So unless it’s wildly horrid outside it allows them to stretch their legs, have a chat with their neighbour and get some fresh air most days. I find it to be the best compromise.

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How to achieve your riding goals this season

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 15th of December, 2014

Whatever you hope to do with your horse or pony this season, setting yourself some goals and targets along the way can really help with your motivation, and allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel when the going gets tough. However, sitting down to set yourself goals and aims on paper is rather different to actually getting out there and working on them, so here are some tips to help to keep you motivated and give you a realistic chance of achieving your aims.

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Memiors of a Saddle Fitter - What Guarantees

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 11th of December, 2014

It was a busy Saturday a good number of years ago. The shop was full and there were three of us, working at full stretch, serving a variety of customers. I had just finished fitting a pair of joddy boots and half chaps for a rather nice family with a teenage daughter and was heading to the till, when I heard a harsh women’s voice say loudly “My horse has a sore back, the saddle doesn’t fit!” She hadn’t waited her turn but had cut across the conversation at the till, where another customer was being served. I stifled a sigh, I had hoped to nip and put the kettle on but there was no chance now, this customer wanted attention immediately no matter who was being served or who felt like a cuppa.

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Saxon Rugs - A Year On

by Central Saddlery, Posted on 6th of December, 2014

You might remember that this time last year we were very keen to promote our new range of Saxon turnout rugs. For such reasonably priced rugs we were delighted with the quality and they certainly sold very well, so you obviously agreed with us! Well, we are always keen to use our products ourselves and I happily bought a standard neck, medium weight turnout rug for my horse to put to the test. After a full season of being used and abused by my horse I thought I would report back on how it has performed.

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