Baileys Horse Feeds

Baileys Horse Feeds has been a firm favourite amongst horse and pony owners since its’ inception in 1982. A family run business, there are two generations working within the business, involved in equine nutritional advances as well as within the factory and office teams, and many are horse owners who appreciate the challenge our horses can bring.

Baileys nutrition team are constantly striving to make improvements and additions to their large selection of horse feeds and have a working partnership with one of America’s leading equine nutritionists. This gives Baileys Horse Feeds the ideal opportunity to access a wide range of research and knowledge to advance their horse feed products and make sure that their clients always receive the most nutritional and top-quality bags of feed.

Baileys offer support and advice

Baileys are happy to share this knowledge and experience within their customer base, and clients are encouraged to contact them for practical and valuable help with feed options, devising a suitable diet or simply making a minor adjustment to improve health or performance. Their team of nutritionists are often out on the road visiting yards and clubs, passing on their wealth of feeding knowledge, as well as being at the end of a phone to answer queries and give help when needed.

In addition to this support Baileys have included the innovative horse feed calculator on their website to allow owners to calculate exactly how much feed their horse requires according to workload and type. This has been much appreciated by owners who find traditional feed calculation methods a somewhat mathematical maze of figures and numbers, and is far more accurate than feeding by eye. Along with the helpful condition scoring advice, owners have the opportunity to ensure that their equines are fed correctly and weight is healthily maintained.

Modern horse Feed manufacturing methods

The Baileys team follow a rigorous training programme to ensure that all staff members follow the BETA Universal Feed Assurance Scheme, with raw materials constantly being assessed and audited as well as taking steps to ensure that no contamination of any prohibited substances ever enters the manufacturing or transportation processes.

Using manufacturing methods such as micronisation and extrusion, grains are mixed and cooked to increase digestion and reduce the risk of extra starch, and the manufacturing team follow a strictly adhered to process with each method. The end results speak for themselves, with horse owners reporting gleaming coats, controlled energy and improved performance. Young horses flourish on the selection of feeds available to youngstock and Baileys offer a useful growth monitoring chart to ensure the correct feeding regime is being used as well as suitable quantities of feeds.

The Baileys horse feed range

The team at Baileys have designed a feed to suit every age, size and type of horse, as well as those with health conditions and feed-related behavioural problems. Over the years this range has grown and horse owners are spoilt for choice with the selection of leisure mixes, fibre blends, performance and stud horse feeds and combinations to suit elderly horses as well as the young.

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