Natural Animal Feeds known to it’s friends as Naf, has been providing horse supplies for over 25 years. The first time we met their equestrian products was when a customer asked “Naf off?” and raised her eyebrows. It turned out to be a fly control product and she wasn’t being rude! This customer request set off a love affair with Naf that has lasted to this day.

Before long we stocked lots of their horse supplements, from cooling Calmers for your nervous horse, to Joint Supplements for those hot spots, Insect Repellent buzzing with vigour, First Aid for the faint hearted....their choice of horse nutrition goes on and on .

Natural Animal Feeds

Based in a beautiful corner of the British countryside, the Naf factory nestles in a picturesque valley. The buildings have evolved as they have expanded and you can follow the natural ingredients from their arrival in large tubs, through pleasant surroundings to the crisp finished equine horses products in their white pots being packaged in the dispatch department.

But it’s the large tubs of sweet smelling herbs and pungent garlic that hold your attention: the smell of fresh mint, the oils, the molasses, the tang of seaweed and salt. Plus the subtle undertones and sharp notes of the veterinary healthcare ingredients, that fascinate. Real plants on a grand scale nestle like bright jewels in vats being shuttled past by whispering forklifts. It’s surreal to see and smell the pure ingredients being combined into unique formulas and emerging as horse nutrition must haves!

Horses and Ponies

Many horse owners worry that they don’t do enough for their horse or pony, but with Naf there is a tried and tested product for every eventuality. Their unique recipes are created by a team of veterinary scientists and horse nutritionists who carefully formulate advanced equine supplements for the support and comfort of your horse and pony, when simply feed and management are not enough. Their horse product range is renowned and respected worldwide, made from fully traceable quality ingredients.

Horse and Vitamin Supplements

Naf products are divided into categories and colour coded for easy browsing.

  • Joints- for flexibility, especially important for performance and leisure horses alike.
  • Hooves- diet affects hoof health, so nourish and protect inside and out, to stamp out bad feet.
  • Breathing- respiratory support horse supplements, from dust allergy to the horse with COPD, Naf can help you manage and enhance your horse’s lung function.
  • Digestion- for horse digestive health, from feed balancers, weight management to helping an upset or sensitive gut, Naf is there for your horse.
  • Performance- horse supplements for peak fitness and health before, during and after exercise and exertion.
  • Calming- for the sensitive horse or stressed horse, equine supplements to aid temperament and behaviour wherever you and your horse are!
  • Vitality- Naf provides your horse with those balanced vitamins and minerals to make him look good and feel fantastic.
  • Immunity- rich, beneficial formulas from Naf to benefit and balance your horse’s immune system.
  • First Aid- Naf has a natural equine first aid range of horse products for those inevitable veterinary moments.
  • Health- pure, quality, natural products for your horse as Naf and nature intended.
  • Support- when feed and management need a little help, careful scientific and nutritional advanced horse supplements are there for your horse and pony.
  • Care- for all those lotions and potions, from fly repellents to grooming sprays, for flowing manes and rich, gleaming coats, Naf has something to suit.
  • Tack Care- for your saddle and bridle and all horse tack, Naf can care for and nourish all the leatherwork your horse needs to dress well, both at home in the stable yard and away at a horse show.
  • Veterinary Support- specially developed vet approved formulas, using totally natural products, Naf gives the horse extra support when it is needed.
  • Skin- Naf has created a new range of horse products to support from both inside and out, all those irritating skin conditions.

Equestrian Supplements

Naf continues to create, test, push forward and strive to bring new products to the equestrian market. Always paying attention to where they find their raw ingredients, using natural, ethical and well sourced ingredients wherever possible. Always trying to make a horse’s life more comfortable, healthier and generally bringing well being to our equine friends. That’s why the love affair with Naf goes on and on..........

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