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by Central Saddlery

In these days of fast broadband connections and smart phones, more and more of us are shopping on-line, from buying clothes, furniture or even just shopping for groceries, the list is endless. In the last 10 years or so our shopping habits have changed beyond recognition. There is no longer any need to go trawling around lots of different shops, comparing prices or quality, you can just go straight on-line and after a few clicks you have all the information you need.

Buying horse feed is much the same. Although it probably wouldn’t make much sense to buy sacks of horse feed from the other end of the country, as the delivery costs would be enormous, there are local feed stores that can deliver your horse supplies direct to your door. With our wide choice of horse feeds, hay, haylage and bedding materials, all at highly competitive prices, why have your horse supplies delivered?

Central Saddlery’s Local Delivery Service

Having so many years experience of keeping horses (too many to count!), the team at Central understand just how demanding horses can be. We need to muck them out, groom them, turn out, bring in from the fields, check the fields, make up feeds, fill hay nets, clean tack, exercise them, the list goes on and on. Now, we’re not offering to come to your yard and muck out your stables for you, but we can certainly help to save you time in other ways. Whilst we are always glad to see you at the Saddlery or the Feed Store, we appreciate that it takes up a fair chunk of your time if you need to come and buy feed every week. Not only that, but you have a lot of lifting and carrying to do, getting the bags or bales out of the car and carrying them to the feed room. So this winter, why not order from us on-line and let us save you time and do the hard work for you? We will even bring hay, haylage and bedding too.

It really couldn’t be less fuss. You place your order (on-line, by phone or even in store if you like) and we can deliver your order to your yard, where we will unload it and stack it safely in your feed room or storage area. We do it all ourselves, (no out-sourcing to courier services) so you can rely on a professional job. You won’t arrive at the yard to find your hay left out in the rain or your bags of feed left just anywhere. It will only cost you £4.99 for local delivery of over £50, but if you spend over £200 it’s free!

Delivery Schedule for West Lothian

We believe in keeping things simple. We deliver to the same areas on the same day each week, so you will always know when your delivery will be. Just check against our delivery schedule and place your order.

We deliver to the EH11, EH12, EH14, EH13, EH24, EH25, EH26, EH27, EH28, EH29, EH30, EH47, EH48, EH49, EH51, EH52, EH53, EH54 and EH55 postcodes every Tuesday.

Yard Delivery Scheme

One of our latest delivery ideas has been the Yard Delivery Scheme, which is proving very popular. If your yard owner has registered the yard with us, then on a specified day, once a month, we will bring all of your deliveries to that yard, free of charge! Perhaps if your yard hasn’t already registered, you could suggest it?

So, as much as we love meeting our customers, it seems we may be seeing a bit less of you this winter, as many of you in West Lothian switch to having your horses’ feed and bedding delivered. Try it….. we’re sure you’ll agree that our delivery services are the best around!

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