Horse Feed and Bedding

Here at Central Saddlery we understand that take caring for horses can be a rather complicated business, with all horse owners having their own tried and tested methods of caring for their horses. With time at a premium these days, and everyone trying to juggle family life and work commitments, it is important to find ways to save time and money. Having served the local equestrian community for many years now, we believe that we really understand our customers’ needs. We have all your feed and bedding here in our feed store right alongside the saddlery. You can get everything for your horse in one visit, with no need to go trailing from place to place. What’s more, with our highly competitive prices, you won’t need to!

Check out our range of horse feeds

There are so many different types of horse feeds. You can choose from coarse mixes, horse and pony cubes, chaffs, grasses, beet pulp, balancers and straights.  We stock feedstuffs from a wide range of suppliers, including Allen and Paige, Badminton, Dengie, Baileys, Mollichaff, Spillers, TopSpec, Rowan, Pegasus and Dodson and Horrell. In addition to ‘hard feed’, we also stock a range of top quality, small bale haylages. Our hay is second to none and is usually available in both small square bales and large round bales.

Browse our range of bedding materials

There are many different kinds of bedding you can choose from these days. Many horse owners like to stick with traditional straw beds, mucking out fully each day. Some owners will only use shavings, while others like to try some of the newer products, such as Hemcore, Stovies or Easibed. Many of the newer products are great for those who find their time at a premium as they are well suited to the deep littering method, where you lift all of the surface droppings each day, but only lift wet patches once or twice a week.

Horse Feed Delivery options

We pride ourselves on our excellent delivery service. You can order your feed on-line or you can take advantage of our local Yard Delivery Scheme. For more information on delivery options, see our article Central Saddlery Delivery Services.

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