Horse Feed Cubes

Horse cubes are a ready made, ideally balanced diet for your horse. Unfortunately many people discount cubes when choosing a feed for their horses, opting instead for a mix. However, this is usually because they are thinking like a human rather than like a horse! To the human eye a mix looks more appealing, almost like a bowl of muesli. We think how we would much prefer to eat this, rather than a boring old cube! In actual fact horses seem to enjoy cubes every bit as much and cubes do have some advantages over mixes.

What is in a horse or pony cube?

Feed cubes are a perfectly balanced feed in pellet form. Typical ingredients of a horse cube include oats, barley, wheat, maize and peas. There will usually also be oils, vitamins, minerals and various trace elements. Feed manufacturers have put a great deal of research into providing ideal diets for our horses and they produce many different ranges of cubes. From high energy cubes for hard working horses, to cubes to promote weight gain, plus cubes to provide a high fibre diet or to feed horses prone to becoming overly excited. There are even cubes to sustain our horses in their twilight years and cubes to cope with horses in light or even no work.

Why are cubes so useful?

Cubes are usually more readily digested by horses. In layman’s terms, this means that more of the goodness in the food finds its way into the horse. The ingredients of a cube can be more finely processed, in ways that often cannot be done when making mixes. This is partly because the mix has to look appealing, with a mixture of whole, crushed and rolled cereals. Many horses may do better with a feed cube instead of a coarse mix. Also, you often find that cubes are slightly cheaper than an equivalent horse mix, even when made by the same company.

With horse cube feeds from leading brands such as Baileys, Spillers, Topspec, Badminton, Pegasus, Allen and Paige and Dengie we know you’ll find the ideal horse or pony nuts in our feedstore.

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