Our noble steeds, hairy quadrupeds, four-legged friends – call them what you like, horses fill our lives, give us hours of fun and we wouldn’t be without them. From cute hairy Shetlands to graceful Thoroughbreds, stoic natives to athletic Warmbloods, horses and ponies are so much more than animals; they become our friends, our confidantes and we just can’t get enough of them.

From the days of prehistoric horse Eohippus evolving to the variety of breeds, sizes and shapes that we know today, by domesticating this fascinating and endearing species we have created an animal reliant on human help for comfort. Thankfully, there is an enormous range of items created with the sole purpose of keeping our horses comfortable, clean, warm and supplied with all of the nutrition and essential vitamins necessary for good health.

Horse Rugs

Our range of outdoor rugs cover all four seasons and with the options of high and standard necks, combo rugs, rain sheets and a selection of weights for our fluctuating temperatures, our horses will be warm and dry when outdoors. Similarly, with stable rugs in all shapes, sizes and weights, nights in the stable are guaranteed to be snug.

Horse Supplies for Grooming and Health

Our extensive range of grooming tools suit small hands as well as large and come in a choice of colours. We also stock tack boxes to keep the kit tidy, shampoos and show products and a selection of health care products to keep wounds clean and skin healthy. With a stock of nutritional supplements covering joint care, hoof improvement and other complementary aids to general well being, our horses are given every opportunity to remain in fine fettle.

Tack and Horse Wear

After caring for your horse comes the all-important fun of riding your horse, we can provide all of the equipment necessary for safe and comfortable riding. With saddles and bridles, bits and girths as well as headcollars and lead ropes, numnahs and pads; well we stock so much that we can’t possibly list it all! We can guarantee though that whatever the requirement, it is likely to be on our shelves.

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