Grooming Your Horse

It is a fact of equestrian life that very little of the time we spend with our horses is actually spent in the saddle. We have any number of other activities to take up our time. There is the mucking out, checking fences and poo-picking in the fields. However, one of the best non-riding activities is surely grooming.

Although grooming is frequently a rushed affair, a quick brush up in preparation to ride, it can also be a chance to have a fabulous, relaxed bonding session with your horse.

Obviously the main purpose of grooming is to clean your horse. Although, it is often true that the cleaner the horse becomes, the dirtier and dustier the human becomes! Perhaps grooming would be better defined as ‘transferral of dirt from equine to human’?

What are the benefits of grooming your horse?

Grooming is a chance to check your horse as you brush. Are there any cuts, swellings, sore areas? Is your horse reacting in a normal way? Does the horse seem well in itself? Is the coat normal, or is it dull, maybe with more grease or scurf than normal? These are the things that are easy to miss in a hurried brush before a ride. Your horse will enjoy the quiet time you spend with him, with the gentle massaging sensation as you brush.

Grooming brushes and curry combs

As for your grooming equipment, there is just so much to choose from. There are dandy brushes to get the dirt from longer coats, body brushes for getting a good sheen on stabled horses, plastic and rubber curry combs get dried mud and loose hair from your horse while metal curries will help to keep your brushes clean.

Hoof picks

Hoof picks are vital for removing stones and packed mud from the feet. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes these days, with many having brushes attached for cleaning the whole foot.

Other grooming Items

There are brushes and sponges for washing your horse, and tack boxes and grooming boxes for keeping your grooming kit in.

Feel free to browse our selection of grooming equipment - we are sure you’ll find what you need within our wide selection of stock.

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