Tack and Grooming Boxes

Grooming kits do have a tendency to be ever expanding. You start off with a couple of brushes and a curry comb. Over the years you pick up the odd bits and bobs and before you know it your tack or grooming box is bursting at the seams. Even if you have separate tack and grooming boxes they still fill up at an alarming rate. You throw in an unused martingale, an old head collar and a spare set of reins. Before you know it, the box is full.

Why not treat yourself to a new tack box? We have absolutely loads to choose from.

Grooming boxes

If your grooming box is groaning under the weight of all your grooming equipment, how about a tidy tray and cover, just to keep the everyday essentials in? With a groove on the underside it will sit on the stable door as you groom, leaving everything you need within arms reach.

Or what about one of our sturdy tack boxes with a tray inside? These are particularly handy as you can store all of your brushes, etc. in the main compartment, but smaller bits and pieces can go in the tray where they can be easily found.

Step up tack boxes and grooming organisers

Many tack boxes are strong enough to stand on. They are perfect for preparing for shows as you can use them as a step when you are plaiting manes. They also have movable compartments which means that you can organise your box to have your brushes, hoof picks, plaiting bands and all of your lotions and potions to hand when you arrive at a competition.

Grooming bags

Grooming bags are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. If you have a number of horses to care for or if you take your grooming kit around with you, these are fabulous. Easier to carry than a box, you can even pop the bag over your shoulder when you are in the stable.

We also have a selection of large tack boxes. However much equine equipment you have accumulated over the years, we have the perfect storage solution for you.

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