Horse Care

Our four-legged friends sometimes require a little extra help to remain in tip-top condition. Like us humans, skin care, taking supplements and treating minor wounds and injuries can be part of everyday life in the equestrian world so it is sensible to keep a stock of essential items on the yard. Unsure of what may be required? Here are a few ideas for items, which may prove invaluable for horse health and welfare.

Horse Veterinary Care

As we all are aware, when in doubt then call the vet but common sense should prevail. Minor wounds may only require cleaning and an application of wound powder or salve so a well-stocked first aid kit with essentials like cleanser, healing creams, cotton wool and other basic items is a priority for those small abrasions that don’t merit a vet visit. We also stock embrocations and gels to soothe strains and everything required for poulticing abscesses and sprains.

Protection for your Horse

Whilst an apple a day may keep the doctor away, our fly repellents are sure to keep pesky bugs away! And for winter leg protection our selection of mud fever protective oils and creams may prove invaluable along with our extensive range of hoof dressings.

Horse Shampoos

Central Saddlery stocks a large selection of horse shampoos designed to remove stains and enhance the various colours of our horse’s coats. Many contain insect repellent properties and are beneficial to skin health too.

Horse Supplements

Good health is often promoted by supplementary feeding, especially when horses are working hard, have suffered from ill health or just need a boost. Our stock of supplements covers nutritional requirements involving soundness, temperament and respiratory problems as well as aiding digestive problems and skin care.

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