Horse Supplements

Whilst modern horse feeds are carefully blended to include essential vitamins and minerals as well as suitable protein levels for horses in varying workloads, sometimes a little help is required to keep them in tiptop condition. This is where feed supplements can become useful, to add that little extra to a daily feed routine and give a horse a boost.

We have a range of supplements to cover many requirements, whether it is a dull coat needing a boost, an excitable horse requiring a little less fizz or simply a balancer for a horse on a forage based diet.

Mobility Supplements

Perfect for the veterans in our lives to keep them comfortable and also for those recovering from injury, mobility supplements aim to keep joints pain free and supple and can be enormously effective. With ingredients like cod liver oils, glucosamine and the pain relieving Devil’s Claw, many horses have found a new lease of life after having a suitable feed supplement added to their diet.

Horse Calmer’s

With ingredients like valerian and magnesium, calmers can take the edge off an excitable horse and make life in the fast lane slow down to a reasonable pace.

Hoof Supplements

Poor hoof quality can often be improved by adding a feed supplement containing ingredients like biotin, zinc and methionine to the diet. Along with the professional help from a good farrier, hooves can become strong and healthy again.

Skin Supplements

Poor coat quality, itchy skin syndrome and other skin and coat related disorders might be caused by a simple lack of something essential in the diet. Supplements containing MSM, antioxidants and oils can give a real boost to a dull staring coat.

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