Horse Rugs

It is a well-known and accepted fact in the horse world that some horses have more horse rugs than their owners have outfits! There is something quite ‘moreish’ about horse rugs and our friendly staff at Central Saddlery are more than happy to help owners indulge in temptation.

So why do we like rugging our horses up so much? Well – on a cold winter’s night it is a comfort knowing that our four-legged friend is as cosy in his rug as we are under the duvet. Perhaps he is clipped which means he really needs an extra layer for warmth. Rugging a horse not only creates warmth; it can help to cut down on feed bills too as calorific energy is retained within the body and not expended to create heat.

Turnout Horse Rugs

Keeping your horse warm and dry while grazing out in the field is always a top priority, a turnout rug not only keeps your horse dry it also keeps your horse clean. Horses have a talent for finding the muddiest spot in the field and can be found looking smug and filthy at the most inopportune moments. As many of us work long hours and spare time is vital for riding, keeping a mucky horse clean can cut down on grooming time and this is where a good turnout rug is invaluable at any time of the year.

Stable Rugs

Vital for chilly nights when our horses are restricted to the stable, stable rugs also help to promote a glossy coat and reduce the need to grow a thick coat. We stock a range of weights to see horses through sub-zero temperatures up to the gentle chill of a summer’s night.

Horse Rugs for Fly Control

These are an important addition to any equine wardrobe when those pesky winged intruders make their presence felt. Our selection of fly rugs cover the most vulnerable body areas and allow horses to enjoy grazing time in peace.

There are many reasons for rugging and unlike us humans with clothing it’s not all about appearance. So take a look at our range of rugs. We have a huge choice of colours, fills, styles and uses to keep that horse warm, clean, safe and handsome too!

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