Headcollars and Leadropes

Probably the most useful, as well as the most used, pieces of equipment in any horse owner’s tack room must be the headcollar and leadrope combination. Used by all owners for leading, restraining and travelling, these useful items come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colours as well as in a selection of materials.

We know that some owners just love to colour coordinate their horse’s equipment so we’ve made sure that we stock a range of colours of both headcollars and leadropes.

Headcollars for Little and Large

Our foal slips are perfect for the new additions to the family as well as adjustable foal headcollars in both nylon and leather. Extra full sizes and adjustable fittings also ensure that the biggest horses are fully catered for.

Extras for Your Headcollar and leadrope

For those sensitive skinned souls who are prone to being rubbed, we stock sheepskin sleeves, ideal for preventing chafing. Luxuriously soft, the sleeves fit over the noseband and cheeks and protect vulnerable areas. For the safety conscious we supply a range of safety ties, ideal for use in trailers or for horses that sometimes panic when being tied up. With quick release attachments, any problems whilst the horse is restrained are resolved quickly and easily.

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