Horse and Pony Saddles

A good quality, well fitting saddle is fundamental to a good riding relationship with your horse. After all, if your horse is comfortable when it is carrying you it will be able to move freely, with no distractions caused by pain or discomfort.

Choosing a saddle                                 

Your saddle is probably going to be the most expensive piece of equipment you buy for your horse, so it is important that you choose well. There are a number of points to consider when choosing your horse or pony saddle.

  • What type of riding do you favour? There are specialist English saddles for dressage, jumping and even for showing but perhaps you want a saddle that will allow you to do a bit of everything, in which case you may be better off choosing a general purpose (GP) saddle.
  • Do you prefer leather saddles or synthetic saddles?
  • Do you have a budget? We stock a large number of saddles both new saddles and second hand saddles from many different brands, covering a wide range of prices. So there will be something to suit all budgets.
  • What colour and size of saddle do you need?
  • Does the saddle fit your horse well? The saddle must suit the shape of your horse, to allow for freedom of movement and optimum comfort.
  • Does the saddle fit you? Each rider is individual with different requirements to suit their body shape and riding style. You need to be comfortable too.

Saddle fitting

A professionally fitted saddle will leave you confident that next time you saddle up, both you and your horse will be riding in comfort. For those of you who live locally, we are able to offer a saddle fitting service, either at your own yard or here at Central Saddlery where we have our own purpose built arena.

Whether you opt for a GP, jumping or dressage saddle, leather or synthetic - with a little care and attention your new saddle will give you many years of service.

Our wide range of saddles come from leading brands such as Jeffries, Barnsby, Ideal, Fieldhouse and many more. We are confident that we have just the right saddle for you and your horse.

Types of saddle

Your riding saddle is probably the most important piece of equipment you will use for both you and your horse. Used frequently it becomes a comfortable tool to enable both horse and rider to perform various disciplines. Whether hugely competitive or simply enjoying special times with your horse, there is a product for you!

Saddles come in a variety of materials, from soft supple leather to versatile man made materials. They are also made in a multitude of styles, sizes and colours, plus have different features to suit different heights of riders and varied body shapes. Prices on new and second hand saddles also vary to suit all budgets.

General Purpose Saddles

As the name suggests a good GP saddle suits a variety of purposes. An excellent choice for those riders wishing to hack out, do some schooling, show jump occasionally and do some cross country too. Comfortable and versatile it is hard to beat as your daily choice of horse riding saddle.

Dressage Saddles

When schooling your horse or for dressage competitions, a dressage saddle can be a huge help. Designed to be ridden with a long leg position, it usually has a deeper seat to give ultimate comfort and feel. Knee and thigh rolls can be of varying bulk to suit individual riders and horses.

Jumping Saddles

With a specialised Jumping Saddle negotiating a course of jumps is just that bit easier. The forward cut flaps allow the rider to ride with a shorter stirrup length and the forward seat position helps the rider to stay balanced over obstacles.  Some riders enjoy the security of heavily blocked knee rolls whilst others prefer the freedom of very little blocking. Whatever your preference there is a style to suit both you and your horse.

Working Hunter and Show Saddles

Both of these styles are for use in the show ring, though many riders enjoy using a Working Hunter saddle for everyday riding too. Generally speaking the Show saddle is elegant and understated to create a beautiful picture of horse and rider across the show ring. The Working Hunter is similar in style but has more knee roll and greater bulk to allow the rider to jump as well.

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