Stirrup Leathers

Very few of us give our stirrups much thought at all. Yet they are a vital piece of equipment. They take our weight when we are riding, in fact when jumping and galloping they take our entire weight. Maybe it’s time to have a think about the condition of our leathers?

Things to check your stirrup leathers for

  • Is the leather dry?
  • Worse still, is it cracked?
  • Are there plenty of holes or do you need to use twists?
  • Are the holes still their original shape? Have they stretched or split and run together?
  • Has the leather become damaged where it folds around the stirrup bar or the iron?
  • Is the leather stiff?
  • Do the holes match up on each leather or has one side stretched more than the other?
  • Is the stitching in good repair?

If the leather is dry or stiff, then all is not lost. Some saddle soap or conditioner and some elbow grease could bring new life to the leather.

Time for a new pair of stirrup leathers?

Damaged stitching can be repaired – bring it along to the saddlery and we can do this for you. However, you are going to be without your leathers for a short time. It may be worth buying a new pair as they are not terribly expensive. You could then keep the repaired ones in the tack room for spares.

Damage to the leather itself is a sure sign that your leathers are due to be replaced. The last thing you want is for one of your stirrup leathers to break as you are jumping or even galloping up a stubble field (these things never happen in walk!).

Choosing new stirrup leathers

With a pair of new stirrup leathers starting from less than fifteen pounds, it makes sense to avoid disaster and replace them sooner rather than later. We have leather and synthetic types available, in both adult and children’s lengths. You can opt for plain leather, or go for leathers that have a reinforced core to avoid stretching.

With leading brands such as Jefferies, Ascot, Thorowgood, Barnsby and Hyclass there is something to suit all budgets.

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