Cat food, Toys and Accessories

There’s nothing like the comforting feeling of coming home at the end of a long day and being welcomed by a friendly furry friend who just wants to sit purring on your lap. In fact, it has been proved that having a cat to cuddle and stroke helps you to relax and as a result reduces stress levels.

We know how much love and affection a cat brings into your life and how rewarding it is to own one. All cats have their own distinctive personality, be it playful, gentle, inquisitive, or lazy and they all certainly have their own funny, quirky habits which is why we love them! At Central Saddlery we know how important your cat is to you, and so our aim is to provide you with the things you need to care for your cat and keep them healthy allowing you to focus on the happiness your cat brings you.

Cat food

Our selection of high quality dry and wet cat food provides you with everything you need to give your cat a balanced and nutritious diet. So whether you have an active cat who loves being outside exploring or a chilled out pet, content to cuddle up indoors, we have the right food to suit him or her. We also have a choice of cat litter and cat veterinary products so all your cat’s needs are met.

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