Rabbit, Ferret and Guinea Pig Food

Having a small and fluffy member of the household is entertaining and fun. For those of you who do own a furry pet, such as a rabbit, a guinea pig or a ferret, you’ll know of the joy and satisfaction they bring you and ultimately you know exactly how incredibly cute they are! While these types of furry animals are undoubtedly irresistibly cuddly, they also value their own space, making them ideal for people who want a slightly more independent and self sufficient pet. Animals like these are also quite interactive and lively with a curious nature and often need companionship of their own kind because they thrive in groups. Keeping your animal active is paramount so providing tubes and pipes for your pet to run through or a cardboard box to chew on will keep them simulated and happy. Whichever pet you have at home we understand how important it is to you to give your animal the best life you possibly can.

Small Animal Food

Rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other similar furry animals, need lots of outdoor space to enjoy an active lifestyle - just like they do in the wild. To ensure that they can hop, stretch, run and play as they want to, a healthy, nutritious diet is essential. At Central Saddlery we know you want the best for your pet and our choice of dry pet food in this section which includes Chudleys Rabbit Royale food, Allen and Page Guinea Pig food and Chudleys Ferret food gives you the chance to feed your pet well at an affordable price.

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