Country Clothing for Riding and Leisure

It is a well-known fact in the equestrian world that many privately owned horses has more extensive wardrobes than their owners! Whilst our horses and ponies parade around in the finest rugs, the most dazzling head collars and the best leatherwork that money can buy, we owners often pale in comparison next to our snazzy steeds.

Over the years riding wear for the equestrian world has expanded and improved as manufacturers noted that women and men alike (and the kids of course) not only want quality clothing for the show ring; they quite like looking smart and stylish when schooling and hacking too. Along with great design comes comfort too, this is why Central Saddlery has a wide range of country clothing including jodhpurs, breeches, jackets and gloves manufactured by renowned brands such as Ariat, Toggi and Joules, etc, all perfect for the leisure side of riding.

Must Buy Horse Riding Items

Even the casual and occasional rider should make a couple of all-important purchases. An up-to-standard riding hat and a pair of suitable riding boots have to be top priority for safety reasons. Not to mention that feeling of being warm and cosy when you wear your Ariat boots or your swanky new Joules jacket out for the first time. A good pair of jodhpurs or breeches are also a must have for any rider.

Comfortable Country Clothing

Jodhpurs do make riding more comfortable. Designed to stretch for ease of movement, the design prevents those nasty pinches on the calves from stirrup leathers. Gloves are also a comfort item, not just for warmth but to protect the fingers from the reins. For warmth, a fitted gilet or padded jacket, designed to allow movement in the saddle and to help you look good to boot, has to be at the top of the riders shopping list.

Equestrian style, quality and technology

Whether you love the classic look or something a little more modern, our top brands each bring something unique to the fray. Ariat deliver cutting-edge technology, the best in modern design and a look that is unique yet timeless. Other companies, such as Joules, spice things up with colourful designs and a quirky take on the classic equestrian style. So whether you are looking for something classic or modern you can be sure to find it here.

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