Riding Boots

Step over to Central Saddlery for an array of riding and yard boots that aren’t just made for walking. With styles and brands to suit all weathers and activities we are confident that we can help all of our customers choose the perfect pair of work or riding boots.

Want a pair of wellies? Lusting over long leather boots? Partial to paddock styled footwear? We have a selection of top makes including the renowned Ariat brand, dependable Dublin boots and classic wet weather boots from Hunter. With spurs and insoles also in stock we’re pretty confident that we can cater for most equestrian footwear needs.

Yard Boots

For those who are involved with stable duties, a pair of lightweight yet durable yard boots makes life on the yard both easier and more comfortable. We have short and long boots designed to be both waterproof and warm, whilst offering support to hard working feet.

Equestrian Riding Boots

Whether long or short, our selection of riding boots fit every occasion, from classic designs to more trendy styles. All are designed towards the same aim; comfort and safety for the leg and foot whilst in the saddle, whether at competition or leisure riding.

An Ariat Boot for All Seasons

Most of us in the equestrian world have at least one pair of wellies, invaluable for horse work, dog walks and essential for country living. Ariat long waterproof leather boots offer a classy alternative for less muddy occasions and there are fleece-lined options for colder weather.

Our feet are the hardest working parts of our body and it makes sense to care for them by choosing boot designed for the equestrian world. Central Saddlery stock brands like Ariat which use leading designers and cutting-edge technology for comfortable and stylish boots that simply ooze quality. Have a look at our large footwear selection and give those feet a treat.

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