Riders Luggage, Riding Hat Bags and Riding Boot Bags

There are some riding essentials that really need to be looked after with care; not just because they were costly, or need to be kept in show condition, but also because they perform an important function and should be protected when not in use. Companies like Caldene, Toggi, Sherwood and Roma have produced good quality bags and luggage designed to safeguard our riding gear from damage and make life a little easier for those who compete or travel a lot.

Riding Hat Bags

Our riding hats are one of the most important purchases we will ever make and these life-saving pieces of equipment merit care when not on our heads. This is why Central Saddlery stocks a range of bags and luggage carefully designed to protect our precious riding hats from knocks and bumps.

Riding Boot Bags

Whilst our good riding boots are not as vulnerable as riding hats it is sensible to take good care of them, especially if they are made from leather. Our boot bags do a magnificent job in protecting them from scratches and keeping them shiny for show days.

Tack Bags

Our saddles and bridles are also vulnerable to scrapes and scratches so a saddle and bridle bag can be a wise purchase. And they do make life easier, on competition days when it is all too easy to mislay little but essential pieces of equipment. Keeping everything in one place ensures it not only stays clean and shiny but also means there are no more of those annoying scenarios of rummaging through piles of tack to find a curb chain or lip strap.

Our range of luggage comes in different sizes and shapes, and also in a variety of colours too, ideal for those who love to colour coordinate their horse gear. Make a practical purchase and protect those important items.


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