Riding hats, Body Protectors and Hi-Viz

Here at Central Saddlery we firmly believe in horse and rider safety and have a wide range of the latest BS standard riding hats and skull caps approved Safety Standard body protectors and Hi Viz tabards and vests.

Even the most competent and professional riders are aware of the risks involved with riding and handling horses and a few essential purchases will ensure that these risks are minimised. Whilst we all love our horses, savvy riders understand that accidents do happen and take preventative measures to ensure that riding is safe as well as fun.

Riding Hat

It is mandatory for children under 14 years of age to wear protective headgear when riding on the roads and it is common sense to wear an up-to-standard riding hat when riding or leading our much-loved but unpredictable horses and ponies. Routinely replacing older hats every 3-4 years will ensure maximum protection for precious heads, as in time inner padding can become compressed and the outer shells may have taken a knock or two.  We can give advice regarding fitting as well as the current BS standards and carry a range of approved headgear.

Riding Hi Viz

We understand that many of our customers need Hi Viz protection when hacking out or leading horses on busy roads, especially during dull days when visibility is poor.  Wearing Hi-Viz on the road has been proven to give vehicle drivers an extra three seconds of reaction time, which could prove valuable and even life saving.

Body Protectors

Body protectors are designed to protect the rider’s back, chest and internal organs, a body protector can reduce the severity of trauma to the body whether from a fall or a kick. Mandatory wear in cross-country events the body protector should fit correctly and Central Saddlery staff are happy to help fit a new body protector correctly.

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