The humble whip has always been a traditional piece of riding equipment and in many competitions and show classes it is considered correct to hold one whilst riding. Our range of whips, bats and canes at Central Saddlery has been selected to give riders a choice of these useful pieces of kit, providing crops and sticks to enhance a show outfit or act as a useful secondary schooling aid.

Traditionally, whips were used as a working tool. Those working with livestock would carry a stock whip designed to make a cracking noise to drive cattle towards their destination. The driving community always carried, and still do, a long whip with a short lash designed to act as an aid to horses and ponies pulling a cart or carriage. Out on the hunting field, a specially designed whip often bearing a deer horn handle, would be used for opening gates whilst the thong was employed to prevent hounds getting too close to hooves.

Modern Whips and Crops

Whilst traditional whips are still in use, nowadays we tend to use schooling and jumping whips designed to act as an ‘extra leg’ to create impulsion. We stock jumping bats and dressage whips suitable for competition as well as show canes to add that professional touch to a ridden or in-hand showing outfit.

We also stock lunge whips, an essential piece of kit for schooling the horse on the ground, acting as a directional tool as well as an aid for forward movement.

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