Rutland Electric Fencing

Buying and installing your first electric fence can seem daunting at first but it needn’t be! Here at Central Saddlery we have experienced staff who can answer all the electric fencing questions you may have. We have created a number of articles and guides to help you pick the correct products to give you the electric fence you need at the best price possible.

Uses of Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is more versatile than you may think! There are 101 ways to use electric fencing from keeping stock in or for vermin and predator control through to grassland management.

  • Keeping Stock in – Horses, Dogs, Cows, Pigs, Goats, Chickens, Sheep, Ducks, Poultry, etc
  • Strip Grazing – A movable fence allowing strict control of grazing area
  • Predator Control - Keep foxes and other predators away from vulnerable stock, pets or poultry
  • Temporary Fencing – Keep animals away from dangerous areas or while maintenance work is in progress.
  • Separation of Animals – Make sure Stallions, Bulls or other temperamental animals are kept apart.
  • Permanent Electric Fencing – Prolong the life of your stock fences by protecting them from animal damage.
  • Garden Protection – Keep dogs and cats out of your garden with an electric fence.

Why Rutland Electric Fencing?

As one of the leading brands in the UK Rutland Electric Fencing was the obvious choice. The high quality products and excellent service make them a brand you can trust. Over the years we have found Rutland Electric Fencing Energizers to be extremely reliable, easy to maintain and repair.

Posts, Tape, Rope and Insulators

Using good quality components in your electric fence will not only make your fence last longer but it will also make the job easier. With Rutland Electric Fencing you can take advantage of a high quality product at low prices. Why buy anything else when you can have the best!

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