Farm Supplies

It isn’t just horses and ponies that we cater for at Central Saddlery. We have found over the years that many of our customers keep a wide variety of both two- and four-legged friends and so we expanded our range so that we can now supply them with all of their smallholders needs.

Poultry feed

With more people choosing to grow their own food, poultry keeping is becoming ever more popular. In addition to our choice of poultry feeds, why not have a look at our feeders or incubators?

Vermin control

We can also help you with your unwanted four-legged visitors. Whether you choose to go with baits or traps, humane or otherwise, we can help you deal with all your vermin issues.

Feed and water troughs

Perhaps you are looking for feed or water troughs? Let us help you. We have a range of auto drinkers, for both field and stable, we also stock blue poly pipe along with the fittings for installing them.

Fencing and gates

Have the horses barged through the gate, or trampled the fence? These things never happen at a convenient time, but with our long opening hours (9am to 7pm, 7 days a week) you can replace a damaged gate or pick up a roll of stock fence netting in a hurry, when most other places are shut.

We understand what busy lives our customers lead, trying to juggle full time jobs, childcare and family life with looking after the animals, so we are here to make things that little bit easier for you. Why trail around to lots of different places to get everything when we have it all under one roof?

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