Buckets And Bins

There’s always a need for a bucket in the horse world. Whether it’s for feed or water, for washing tails or soaking sugar beet, us horse folk can’t live without our buckets. The days when we were restricted to a black bucket with a handle are long gone, and now there is a fantastic selection available to choose from.

Central Saddlery stocks a bucket and bin for every occasion and with a selection of colours in some of the ranges, colour coordinating can make even bucket selection fun. On a busy yard it is often easier and quicker to give out feeds to hungry horses when they each have their own coloured bucket and those on special diets are guaranteed to get their carefully prepared feeds.

Tubtrugs And Tyre Rubber Containers

Designed in a range of sizes and shapes, these are robustly designed to cope with hooves and teeth at feed times as well as being useful water buckets and mucking out skips. Easily cleaned and long lasting, these flexible containers are an essential part of equestrian life.

Plastic Bins

Ideal for feed storage, coloured bins add a stylish touch to the feed room and also protect the feed from unwanted visitors! Keeping feed fresh and dry, they are a must have item on a stable yard.

Bucket Covers

Preparing feeds in advance is a huge time-saver and nylon covers ensure that feeds are protected from vermin and dirt. Available in a range of colours and sizes, bucket covers offer a simple way to safeguard contents.

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