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Shires Haynet


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Shires Haynet

A tremendously popular small holed haynet that can be used for both hay and haylage. The fine meshed holes are sized at 5cm/2", with the result that your fodder lasts longer and less is wasted on the stable floor.

Small holed haynets help digestion

Because a horse is a trickle feeder, he needs to eat regularly and good fodder, that he has to chew well, such as good quality hay or haylage is excellent for this purpose. The very act of chewing starts off his digestion in the best possible way, with saliva taking a key role. The small mesh makes him work for his supper and stops him rushing through his hay, then being left to spend long periods without something to chew.

Less wastage with haynets

Many horses are messy eaters and trail their fodder all over the stable floor. This small holed Shires Haynet, helps eliminate excessive wastage and allows your horse to enjoy his hay or haylage ration in full.

Haynet sizes to suit ponies and horses

Now available in three useful sizes all with the 5cm/2" holes - choose from 30"(75cm) for those smaller ponies, or when you want a snack sized net for your larger horse, 40"(100cm) our most popular size for the average horse and great for everyday use and 50"(127cm) an extra large size, for the larger equine, or those times when you want to provide longer eating times. Very handy for those overnight well stuffed haynets.

Available in a lovely range of colours

Many customers colour co-ordinate their day and night haynets if filling to differing weights, or for individual horses for ease of management. Often choosing to prepare numerous nets whilst having a chat over the hay bales, making it quick and easy to "do" your horses the rest of the week!

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