Mucking Out Tools

There is nothing worse than trying to muck out with the wrong tools and on a busy yard the best tools are often appropriated quickly. Rather than wrestle with the broken shovel and the bristle-less brush why not head over to Central Saddlery and peruse the selection of yard equipment. We have a tool for every job and with some child sized items available, even the kids can join in.

Gone are the days of the heavy fork and metal shovel that made up the standard stable kit. 21st century tools are often multi-purpose, easy to handle and easy on the eye too with cheerful colours and modern designs. Who says mucking out is a tough job? With tools designed by people who actually use them, the emphasis is on ease of use. With a selection of grips and handle lengths, modern mucking out equipment helps to avoid stress and injury.

Take Your Pick

Whilst we don’t actually stock picks at Central Saddlery, we do have an extensive range of yard and field tools. No matter what type of bedding is used we have a fork to fit the bill. Lightweight steel forks with a choice of handles make straw beds simple to spread whilst shavings forks make sifting through bedding simple. There are even forks created for use on rubber matting to prevent damage to the surface and field forks for summer weeding chores.

Our brushes and brooms will sweep every surface and with shovels for snow, muck and anything else that needs shifting, we’re quietly confident that our tool range is terrific!

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